Womenís Leotards, Updated

Published: 01st August 2011
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Female leotards get a bad rap. Often, theyíre put in a similar class as leg warmers-written off as an example of 80's nostalgia that is imagined to be fit only for aerobic exercise classes and costume parties. But that is basically not a fair category for the incredibly cool, and underrated piece of apparel known as women's leotards. Listed below are five unique ways one can don women's leotards and still be in fashion. If these powerful fashion tips donít alter your thoughts regarding them, almost nothing will!
1) The jeans and T-shirt substitute. Jeans and a comfy T-shirt are a default outfit option by many. So why not kick it up a notch and swap out that plain old T-shirt for a form fitting leotard? Dress it up by tying a attractive scarf around your neck, slip on some boots, and that comfortably ordinary outfit is reworked into a comfy but trendy on the go outfit.
2) The pencil skirtís best friend. Pencil skirts are a clothes closet staple in and of themselves, as a result of their ability to improve a ladyís silhouette. So do the same favor for the top half of your body and don a leotard. The form fitting, slenderizing element of the leotard is a perfect match for the figure-enhancing capability of the pencil skirt.
3) The yoga exercise class mainstay. Doing yoga exercise is all about loosening up, breathing, and calming the body. But generally, thatís difficult to do if youíre continuously fidgeting with your t-shirt or camisole. When youíre sporting a women's leotard, you donít have to fear about your t-shirt creeping up throughout your sun salutations. Leotards stay put and are typically moisture wicking-ideal for a sweat generating activity like yoga.
4) The traditional slacksí unlikely counterpart. When a cap sleeved women's leotard is coupled with a pair of pressed slacks, good things take place. Slide on some polished oxfords, and possibly even a pair of slim suspenders for the more fashionably adventurous. The menswear aesthetic of the slacks and oxfords, juxtaposed with the feminine, form-fitting womenís leotard is a winning combination.
5) The shorts and sandals partner in crime. Itís a temperate summer time day and youíre looking for a snug look that doesnít give the impression you just rolled out of bed. On the other hand, you donít desire to spend an hour getting something together. Well thatís where ladies leotards coupled with shorts come into play. Whether itís a crisp pair of white colored linen shorts, or cut off jean shorts, women's leotards are complimentary. For footwear, a pair of gladiator sandals can set it all off. All in all, leotards possess the potential to actually dress up any style outfit, devoid of significant work. They come in a vast variety of colors, cuts and types, but to get maximum versatility, a black, cap sleeve leotard takes the cake. If youíre looking for something a wee bit more dramatic, opt for a low-back leotard. There are as many different designs as there are different types of females, so your choices are limitless.

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